ClearSchool: Rethinking accountability in our nation's schools

Increasingly, there is an abundance of data points available when evaluating the performance of our nation's schools. Finding the right data, in a format that fits you and in a language that is understandable are all challenges common with early applications of technology and data. The only effective solution is the combination of user experience, product strategy, design and engineering know-how to develop the most effective solution for the widest possible audience base.

What we did
Starting with a small and focused team, we deepdived into the provided and other research sources on accountability systems. We brainstormed ideas that collectively would improve the discovery, use, reuse and amplification of performance indicators possible. From over 30 language options to a thin-mobile client that is location aware, these enhancements are possible for States to implement with effective planning and execution -- in other words, with today's technology, usable experiences for massive data are within reach.

Print Optimized

Interactions like tooltips are expanded, excess items are removed for clean printing. Colors are reduced because ...well, we all know what ink cartridges cost.